Four critical areas for success

Mar 5, 2017

As DCA Advisory Services continues to work with organisations in various parts of the State, four critical areas of strategic direction emerge which underpin everything an organisation and indeed, any business does.The first three are financial capital, customers and workforce. Financial capital is the most critical. A fourth essential element for the reform of the disability sector in particular, is community.

Much store has been placed on community, informal supports and mainstream community services to meet the outcomes of the NDIS. However, there has been no investment in educating the community on how the Scheme is structured, how people with disabilities will benefit or how communities will benefit from the additional revenue that will be generated by the NDIS. The only publicity the Scheme is receiving are reports of “cost blowouts”. No reporting is being done on the potential social and economic benefits of participants in the Scheme gaining employment and thousands of parents returning to the workforce after their sons and daughters receive NDIS support packages.

The Productivity Commission in its report “Disability Care and Support, 31 July 2011” said that “the benefits of the scheme would significantly outweigh the costs. The NDIS would only have to produce an annual gain of $3800 per participant to meet a cost-benefit test. Given the scope of the benefits, that test would be passed easily.”



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