NDIS.. the journey so far

Aug 30, 2017

NDIS hits the 100,000 participant mark as of August 18th.. what a journey for the NDIS, NDIA and those who have benefited from the scheme.
From all reports, the scheme enjoys good support from the Government and the broader community. And, for participants, the NDIS has been an overall positive experience.
In Queensland, despite the late start, ‎there is great anticipation among potential participants and their carers. The Queensland scheme seems to be delivering results that improve the life of eligible people.
In particular the increased access to choice and control over the things that affect lives; improved access to a range of supports and activities; and; renewed hope for a better life ‎ are the impacts of the NDIS.
Concerns about the administration of the scheme continue. A story this week from an advocate for a person with pshycosocial support needs was concerning and goes to the heart of the scheme .. needs and supports  assessment and review process.
The ACT advocate reported problems with the annual review of the supports package. The review resulted in a loss of 75% of funds due to a lack of understanding of the reviewer.
It is reported it came down to a inexperienced planner; a lack of knowledge of psychosocial by the reviewer; together with a lack of explanation of un-spent funds. On appeal, the package was ‎restored (mostly).
It is a timely reminder that everyone is still in the learning phase. For Queenslanders, we should pay due care and attention as we approach the NDIA to ensure ‎that potential participants are ‘armed’ with sufficient information about their support needs to ensure their requirements are fully understood and met.


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